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illustration by Julia Pankova

Law of attraction expert Marlene Keys to give seminar in Ottawa

“GOOD THINGS COME to those who wait.” How often is this phrase loosely thrown around? We all know that such an expression preaches the importance of patience. It’s similar to the idiom “all in good time.” But what if there was a way of obtaining everything you ever wanted, dreamed, and hoped for right now. Impossible, right? Not entirely—at least according to Marlene Keys, certified law of attraction trainer, who believe the universe is full of energy that we can control.

The law of attraction is akin to positive thinking and knowing that your thoughts have power.

“The way I like to explain it to people is that the law of attraction really is all about vibes. A vibe is really a word for [the] feeling and all of us have moods or feelings, which means all of us are offering a vibration. For the most part we’re not even doing it on purpose,” explains Keys.

A dietician by trade, Keys has an MBA and worked for many years in the pharmaceutical field, but her thirst  for something deeper had her change careers.

“I have always been interested in things of a metaphysical nature, interested in things that are spiritual,” she says.

She found her calling when she met Bob Proctor, the man behind the movie and book The Secret.

“I had a chance to meet [Proctor] in person and talk to him and have him influence me. As soon as I started learning about this, I said, ‘This is for me. This is everything.’”

Keys insists that the thoughts and moods you have impact your life, whether negative or positive.

“Law of attraction, which is universal energy around you, is always checking in to see what the vibration is that you’re offering,” she says.

“Some people call it God, some people call it spirits, some people call it fates. I call it universal energy. It’s responding to you, to the vibrations—or the moods, thoughts, or feelings—that you are offering.”

But how can projecting a positive mood and thoughts have any effect on your life?

Keys explains, “It’s about thinking. The words you use combine to form the thoughts that you think. The thoughts that you think combine to form your vibration. Your vibrations influence the results you get.”

According to Keys, you can use this theory to change and impact any aspect of your life. Whether it’s your job, love-life work, or school, everything can benefit from some positive thinking.

“You can apply it to so many different areas of your life. The universe is always responding to you. You are the creator of your own life experiences,” she says.

For the skeptics out there who don’t believe you can change your life just by altering your mood and thoughts, Keys challenges you to try it yourself and see if it works.

“I practice the law of attraction; I attract people that have some sort interest in this topic. The people that are turned off by it don’t pursue it any further. But if there is any little doubt, I would say: ‘What have you got to lose?’ Just try it. If it really does not resonate with you, it’s not for you and that’s fine.”

Some advice Keys has for students and those interested in pursuing the law of attraction is to, “Start small, start watching your words, start watching what you think about, and start noticing what’s occurring in your life and notice if there’s a connection. Then realize that you’re totally powerful and you can create whatever you want.”

Marlene Keys is giving a seminar on Sept. 23 at Prashanti Yoga (52 Armstrong St.). Tickets cost $30.

—Briana Campigotto and Sofia Hashi