Here are plenty of movies to set the mood for a great Netflix and chill. Photo: Posters via IMDB
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Need some ideas for a nice Netflix and chill night for your upcoming Valentine’s Day plans or any ol’ date night with your S/O? Well we’ve got you covered, with this variety of films to choose from—perfect for cuddling or to set the mood for more.

*This article may contain spoilers!*

Grease (1978)

A timeless classic, fan favourite, and well-known rom-com musical, Grease follows the tale of local greaser Danny and Australian transfer student Sandy. The protagonists fall in love during the summer of 1958, though their connection sours as differences develop—though it’s eventually resolved at graduation as the duo reconcile.

Though a cliché and somewhat overdone love storyline, Grease is a cult classic film which many swear by, and while there are a few sexy references throughout, it still remains an entertaining romantic narrative suitable for a movie night. Grease is a film ideal for easing into things, causing a few laughs, and creating a romantic atmosphere—which is oftentimes a safer option than eagerly diving head-first into the hard-hitting films.

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Call Me by Your Name, a coming-of-age romance drama, is set in 1980s Italy and follows Elio’s ups and downs while exploring his sexuality. The film intertwines the intensity, passion, and sweetness of young love, though also highlights the reality of  heartbreak.

Featuring a gay relationship between 17-year-old Elio and 24-year-old Oliver, the film is widely praised for portraying and adding much-needed diversity to the cinematic universe, as it sheds light on the hardships and realities of LGBTQ+ relationships and first loves.

Multiple scenes throughout Call Me by Your Name portray the raw desire between the protagonists—such as the infamous scene with the peach—making it a great candidate for a night of Netflix and chill. Though the heart wrenching finale—whereby a heartbroken Elio stares into the fireplace crying for four unflinching minutes as the end credits roll—may not quite set the mood, Call Me by Your Name will at least make you cuddle up and appreciate your partner more.

Newness (2017)

Set in modern Los Angeles, Martin and Gabi meet on the dating app Winx, later meeting in person at a local bar and end up heading over to Martin’s apartment. A relationship ensues, though soon they take to unconventional methods to cure the boredom which creeps in.

A romance-drama film which explores the reality of hook-up apps, online dating, and infidelity, Newness not only portrays both the good and bad of modern-day dating, but also provides the steamy scenes which many so desire.

While the plot is relatively cliché and predictable throughout, and only adds to the constant argument that “dating apps ruined romance,” Newness still attests to being ideal for a night of Netflix and chill. With an array of explicit sexual scenes throughout the film—including polyamory, open relationships, threesomes, and general scenes of passion and lust—it proves to be perfect for setting the mood for you and your lover.


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