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THE FASHION BLOG: A place where the style-minded go to get their fashion fix. Keeping up with the relentless revolving door of fashion, thousands of blogs litter the Internet, creating fashionable landfills that sparkle and scream haute couture. Despite the diversity of men’s and women’s style today, the latter has always garnered more attention from fashion lovers of the world. For years designers and businesses alike have slighted men’s fashion, but the recent explosion of the men’s fashion blog demonstrates that there is a viable market for men’s fashion.

There are countless fashion blogs now directed toward men. With the use of perfectly chiseled male models, swanky clothes, and good advice, the male style blog has become a place where this style-scorned gender can finally get their fashion fix.

A couple popular websites include and The Sartorialist, in particular, photographs well-dressed men and women from fashion capitals around the globe. It is rumoured to have began “street-style” blogging, which is the act of photographing trendy people from off the street. The existence of these websites attest to the popularity of male fashion.

To the untrained eye, men’s fashions appear to move painstakingly slow. So slow, in fact, that many online critics argue that there is no point in dedicating blogs to the phenomenon at all; the plain T-shirt and jeans combo can work for years, can’t it? But trendy men’s blogs are challenging these myths.

These male blogs are now answering the question: Do gentlemen prefer blogs when looking for fashion advice? I understand why there’s a market for men’s clothing. We all want to look good, and we all want to make a statement with the clothes we wear. Sometimes, we need a little advice, or a push in the right direction when dressing up. These blogs can be a little bit more discreet than subscribing to GQ or Esquire, and they show men what other guys are really wearing, instead of marketing an idea of what guys should be wearing.

It’s a myth that men don’t care about their appearance. It’s also a myth that some men aren’t interested in fashion. Just like not every woman loves following trends, a few men like to put some thought in to what they wear. For decades, men’s style has been practically non-existent, but the explosion of fashion blogs just might bring them to the forefront.

—Sofia Hashi