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LETTING GO OF summer is a bittersweet process—but that doesn’t have to the case for your wardrobe. As we adjust to new routines, classes, and life on campus, the chillier climate impacts our fashion choices while our summer staples lay forgotten in the back of our closets. However, incorporating your summer style into your fall fashion isn’t a difficult feat and can save your wallet from taking a beating.

Layers, layers, and more layers

One of the easiest—and warmest—ways to incorporate last season’s fashion into the new one is to layer your summer clothes under your fall apparel. Whether it’s a basic tank top underneath a cardigan paired with jeggings and boots, or a T-shirt and blazer for guys, layering your summer pieces into your look for the cooler months will allow you to get more for your dollar and keep you warm.

The floral dress

Nothing screams summer more loudly than a cute floral dress. Transitioning this piece into fall not only requires little thinking in the morning, but can take a classic look and vamp it up. Pair a floral dress with a blazer, tights, and pumps for a more elegant and polished look, or combine a dress with a faux-leather jacket and biker boots for an edgier but balanced look.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans made a big comeback this summer, but while wearing them with a tank top and wedges were suitable then, that’s not the case for fall. Luckily jeans are one of the easiest things to take you between the seasons. Adding a button- down shirt with flared jeans allows for a crisp look, whereas pairing them with a plaid shirt creates for a more 70s-inspired vibe.

It’s all about colour

Fall is known for it’s subdued and darker tones, but don’t retire your more brightly coloured clothes—work them into your fall wardrobe. Mustard yellow, plum, and teal, though not exactly the kind of colours often associated with fall, are popular for this season and easy to add your closet. For guys, wear a light coloured shirt with your favourite jeans to follow this trend. Girls can pair a plain cardigan with a blinding shirt to create contrast that works. Even choosing some as accessories, such as a vividly    coloured clutch for evening out or a teal pendant, work well into fall.

The maxi dress

Arguably summer’s biggest fashion statement, the maxi dress doesn’t need to become an item forgotten during the chillier months of the year. Throw on a thin sweater over your maxi dress or pair one with boots and instantly you’re ready to brave the cold.

Best foot forward

Guys: Avoid tattered, distressed, and damaged shoes during the cooler months. Being laid back and rocking the grunge look may be OK for summer months when you don’t have school or work to attend, but a polished outfit is desirable for fall. Whether

they’re brightly coloured Nike dunks or regular black boots, make sure that they’re in good condition or toss them to the curb. Besides, who doesn’t want to put their best foot forward?

Stripe it up

Striped, button-down shirts may be automatically associated with a preppy look and Ivy Leaguers, but they are a fast way to make it seem as if you put in an effort—even if you didn’t. Instead of throwing on a T-shirt and jeans, pair the striped button-down with jeans for an instant fashion upgrade.

Experiment with texture

For all the sophisticated males out there who aren’t afraid to play with fashion, experimenting with textures this fall is a good way to stay warm and well dressed. Try putting on a knit sweater or a leather jacket. Dabbling with texture is also an inexpensive way to make it seem as if you put some thought into your outfit without really trying.

—Sofia Hashi