From left to right, James Reid, Adam Feibel, and Brent Washburn form Fools of Love. Photo: Ryan Stacey.
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Ottawa band Fools of Love talk studio process, upcoming show

On Friday June 1, Ottawa-based indie rock band Fools of Love released their first full-length album, The Howl and the Whisper.

Formed in 2014, the band currently has three members—James Reid on drums, Brent Washburn on bass, and Fulcrum and University of Ottawa alumnus, Adam Feibel doing guitar and vocals.

While Fools of Love are no strangers to Ottawa’s music scene, with a self-titled EP released in 2014 that got traction by Exclaim! magazine, Feibel shared that the band went through some changes, making this album an opportunity for a fresh comeback.

To celebrate the release of their first album, the band will also be performing live at the 27 club, on June 8, at 7 p.m., making a comeback in a more literal sense, as Feibel currently works in Toronto, making trips to Ottawa to produce, rehearse, and record music with the band.

“When we started it out, it was pretty loud, pretty aggressive at times, but also really quiet and kind of ambient at times as well,” Feibel explained of the band’s sound, which seems to be reflected in their album title. “We kind of rounded it out for this album, (making it) more focussed on songwriting.”

The Howl and the Whisper also experiments with a wider range of instruments, building on basics like the piano and harmonica for more of a nostalgic vibe, as is heard in Feibel’s favourite song, The Evergreens, to more unique uses of instruments like the organ, and cello.

If some songs sound familiar it’s because the album features other Ottawa artists including the PepTides’ DeeDee Butters, and draws inspiration from classic rock staples, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen.

The band’s sound isn’t the only thing that evolved over the course of the years. According to Feibel, who is the primary songwriter on this album, one of the unifying themes throughout is growth. Drawing inspiration from his personal relationships, Feibel explained that The Howl and the Whisper speaks to his own potential, and his place in the world.

“I feel like over the last few years…a lot of things have changed for me. (In your mid-twenties) you’re kind of getting an even better sense of who you are, and where you fit in,” he said.

The Howl and the Whisper is now streaming on Bandcamp, itunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. To learn more about the band’s upcoming shows and music, you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Adam Feibel formerly served as Editor-in-Chief of the Fulcrum.