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When Rachel Lessard, the Fulcrum‘s executive editor, heard the pitch for My Ottawa, a name immediately popped into her head. That name was Todd Garvin, but Lessard just calls him “the best bartender ever.” Check out what the Kingston native loves most about his home away from home.

The Earl of Sussex isn’t just another pub in the ByWard Market. Its location on Sussex Drive separates it from other average downtown pubs and the atmosphere is friendly and laid back. Whether you’re looking to catch up with a friend over a pint or watch the game, the Earl of Sussex welcomes you with open arms.

When my parents visit me in Ottawa, we always pop in to the Earl. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the best bartender, Todd Garvin.

My dad will proudly proclaim that Garvin is the best bartender he’s ever had. That is high praise from a man who’s had a “lifetime” of bar nights and good bartenders. He couldn’t believe that when he’d nearly finished his first beer, another one was quickly placed in front of him, and he didn’t even need to ask. My dad likes to joke that Garvin can read minds.

As a bartender, Garvin offers the speediest, friendliest, and most fun experience. I took a seat at the bar and chatted with him about his favourite places in Ottawa and how he became the “best bartender ever.”

Todd Garvin will gladly pour you a pint and keep you smiling every night over at the Earl of Sussex.

The Fulcrum: Are you an Ottawa native?

Garvin: No, I’m actually from Kingston.

How did you become an expert bartender?

It’s all about experience. I just like dealing with people.

 What are your favourite places to eat in Ottawa?

Jak’s Kitchen has great breakfast. It’s on the corner of Bronson and Gladstone. Their food is always homemade and very fresh.

What about lunch?

The Lieutenant’s Pump on Elgin Street.

And dinner?

Vittoria Trattoria. They have great food and good service.

What are your favourite places to hang out for an afternoon?

I really like Gatineau Park, and the Museum of Nature is really interesting.

What special events would you like to show off?

I always really enjoy Bluesfest every year. It’s such a big deal in Ottawa, and it’s always a good time.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in Ottawa. 

Once again, I’d say Jak’s Kitchen. It’s my favourite spot.

[styled_box title=”411: Jak’s Kitchen ” color=”black”]Jak’s Kitchen is located at 479 Bronson Ave. and strives to
provide a memorable dining experience. Chef Ben Breitler creates fluid seasonal
menus using fresh, organic ingredients from around the Ottawa region.
Breakfast is served until 3 p.m. and won’t cost you more than $20.

What’s your favourite tourist trap?

I really like the pathway behind the Parliament buildings. So many people walk along there, and the views are really nice.