Dear Di

Dear Di is the Fulcrum foremost expert in sexual relations
"It was a beautiful soul." Image: Christine Wang/Fulcrum.
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Into ghosts? Fear not, Dear Di is here!

Dear Di, 

Our office is haunted, lights turn on and off by themselves, doors open and close by themselves and I often hear footsteps when I’m alone in the office. The other day, the ghost finally revealed itself and turned out to be a very attractive spirit from the 1900’s that was taken too soon. After a short conversation, I had a very unique experience and I was hooked. I am now haunted by desires for this spirit, is this normal?


Dear EIC, 

It is not rare for me to answer questions from people who have been ghosted, but it is my first time answering a question from someone who’s fallen for a ghost. Truth be told, I am not sure if it is normal, however, attraction to ghosts or spirits is nothing new and has been well documented over the years. It is actually a fetish known as spectrophilia. 

It is interesting that you should mention that this happened at your office, as most sexual experiences with ghosts and spirits tend to occur when someone is zoning off and falling asleep. Is it possible you were exhausted at work and were falling asleep at your desk? This could explain the unusual encounter. Believing that your office was haunted, you might of been thinking about spirits and as you were falling asleep your train of thought led you to believe that you met a ghost and had an ectoplasmic experience. 

If you work on the University of Ottawa campus, there are multiple tales of the soul of a woman allegedly wandering Tabaret Hall. She is believed to be the maid who died in the Tabaret Hall fire of 1903 and whose body was never found. 

There is no sugar coating it, It is strange to be attracted to ghosts there is no doubt about it, but if it is what you seek, there are ways to attempt to summon ghosts. You can always try an old fashion Ouija board to summon spirits or perform evocation rituals in known haunted areas. You could also do dark tourism if the sheer fact of feeling surrounding by spirits turns you on.

If you wish to discuss your experiences with others you can always join online communities that discuss ghosts and ghost sex. In these communities, members usually tend to discuss their experiences in detail, they could definitely provide some insights on your own experience.