Dear Di

Di throughout the ages. Photos: Courtesy of the Fulcrum Archives.
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Dear Readers,

After a fun year, it’s time to give the spotlight back to my partner-in-crime, Di Daniels. She’s had a great few months of vacation, but now it’s time to welcome her back. To do so, I’m going to dig up some of her favourite columns from the decades she’s been working at the Fulcrum. A final note: Just because the Fulcrum’s print issues are disappearing, doesn’t mean Di (or maybe even me, if you’ll have me back) are evaporating into thin air too. Di will still be online and on Instagram, answering your love and sex questions every week.

Love, Ty

Dear Di: September 21, 2011

Dear Di,

I usually talk to my friends about sex, but I have a secret I could never reveal except under the guise of anonymity. To put it bluntly, I’m really turned on by Gee-Gee, the school mascot. I can’t explain it, but I just find him really sexy and I feel aroused whenever I see him. This isn’t the first time I’ve found myself attracted to mascots. Please tell me you’ve heard this before and I’m not the only one out there who feels this way about Gee-Gee!

—Giddy Up, I Guess

Dear GUIG,

I won’t lie to you — I have never had a reader fess up to feeling frisky at the sight of our gallant Gee-Gee. But sexual attraction to mascots in general? Sure, I’ve heard of it, and probably more often than you’d think.

Breathe easy, GUIG. I suspect what you’re feeling is simply a little furry love. Although not mainstream, the furry world is alive and well, and will likely be willing to welcome you with open arms.

In the simplest of terms, a furry enthusiast is someone with an interest in anthropomorphic animals (animals with human attributes). This interest may manifest itself sexually, artistically, or otherwise. Many furry lovers create their own personas, costumes, and artwork, while others simply have an appreciation for anthropomorphism.

I strongly encourage you to peruse a few online furry communities. Doing a little research will help you understand and accept your attraction and will connect you to others who share your affinity for fur. The fact that Gee-Gee gets your juices flowing may make you feel a little alienated from your friends, but I’m inclined to believe you will find you fit right in with the furries.



Dear Di: March 28, 2013

Dear Di,

I think I’m in love with you. I’ve never known a woman who is so passionate and open about sex. I love to be adventurous and bed — nothing is off the table with me. You seem so intelligent and sexy and I think we would click on so many levels if you would just reveal your identity to me. Can I meet you somewhere, Di? I will rock your world, I promise! I’m crazy about you!

—Marry Me, Di Daniels

Dear MMDD,

I receive my fair share of fan mail, but rarely do I get a letter as impassioned as this! How flattering — you’ve really made me blush.

Unfortunately, flattery will only get you so far. When I decided to write this column, I made a promise to myself I would never reveal my true identity to anyone but my co-workers. My anonymity is extremely important to me. Not only does it allow me to answer my readers’ questions as honestly as possible, but it also fosters a certain level of trust between my audience and myself — they don’t know who I am and I don’t know who they are. Anonymity puts us all on level playing ground, so to speak

You’re right — I am passionate and open about sex, but guess what? So are countless other women! We may be a little harder to find, but we’re out there.

If you’re having difficulty finding fellow fuck fiends, why not create an online dating profile? Make it clear you’re looking for a sexually adventurous gal who likes a challenge in the bedroom and I’m sure you’ll have some responses in no time.

I am sorry to miss out on what I’m sure would be a fantastic time in bed with you, but I hope you won’t be discouraged. Your freak in the sheets is out there somewhere.