Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My boyfriend loves ass play but the idea of licking someone’s asshole sounds gross to me. Is there a way I can do this hygienically? I want to experiment, but am a bit turned off by the association with poop. Help me!


—Analingus Anxiety

Dear AA,

First things first, you don’t have to do something you’re uncomfortable with to make your boyfriend happy. If you’re really turned off by ass play—and that’s totally fine—you should talk to your boyfriend about how you feel. You can still find other ways to spice things up that’ll get both of you all hot and bothered.

Now if you’re as into getting your beautiful booty into the action as your boyfriend, I have some tips for you! One of the easiest ways to add some ass into your sex life is using dental dams. These babies are rectangles of latex rubber that can be used for cunnilingus as well as analingus. You can buy ready made ones on the cheap or even get them for free, or show off your DIY skills by making a dental dam out of a condom.

What’s awesome about dental dams is that they help protect against STIs, something that people usually aren’t considering when going down on their partner.

You can use a little water-based lube to make things more comfortable, but apart from that, you just fit it over the vagina or anus and then eat away! Don’t let the dental dam flip over, and use a new one if you’re switching from vag to anus or vice-versa.

In terms of hygiene, it’s completely understandable that you’re feeling anal about your partner’s anus’ recent activity. One thing you can do is jump in the shower before you two crazy animals have sex. Helping scrub your boyfriend clean will help you get in the mood to get him all dirty again.

Now when it comes to rimming, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Be careful as the skin around the anus (particularly the perineum) can be pretty sensitive. Start slow, with a few kisses and licks up and around his anus, before giving him the full force of your tongue. You can also try a finger or two up his ass, if that’s something you’re both comfortable with.

When it comes to position, doggie usually makes things the most accessible. You can also slide your hand around to your boyfriend’s penis to make him go wild. Or if your partner has a vagina, get their favourite vibrator in hand and stimulate their clit while you work on their booty.

Going backdoor can open up a whole new world in you and your partner’s sexplorations!




Dishing with Di: This (penis) is Sparta

A man’s sperm has some super features to help it make the trip from the penis to the uterus. First off, when a man ejaculates it shoots out sperm at 45 km/h! Also, one teeny teaspoon of a man’s cum holds on average 300 million sperms. They even come prepared for the journey, containing major nutrients such as protein, carbs, and fat.