Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

I’ve gotten a lot of vaginal infections over the years. I know they’re common but are there any techniques or methods I can use to reduce the chances of getting another one?

-Yeast no more

Dear YNM,

It’s true that vaginal infections are common and normal. In fact, three out of four women experience bacterial vaginosis at least once in their lifetime. The bacterium that causes vaginal infections are found naturally in the vagina, but these bacteria need to stay balanced. So there are a number of things you can do to help your lovely lady lips stay healthy and infection-free.

First step: don’t douche. For the uninitiated, douching refers to spraying water into the vagina, usually in an attempt to keep it clean. But here’s the thing ladies, your vagina is exceptional, since it largely cleans itself, and using any sort of perfumes, body wash, or cleansers down there can disrupt your hooha’s delicate balance.

Another good vaginal infection countermeasure is to wear cotton breathable panties. They allow air to circulate and keep moisture to a minimum. Moisture fuels the growth of bacteria, so in the summer months be sure to take off the wet bathing suit quickly and change into something dry.

Also, for those of you who are just looking for an excuse, ditch the panties at night and sleep commando. This gives your vagina time to air out and breathe making it more difficult for bacteria to grow.

In the end, vaginal infections do happen, but taking simple, every day precautions can definitely make life a little more comfortable.



Dear Di,

I like a little rough sex, but sometimes I wonder if I can sustain damage to my lady parts from my partner’s enthusiastic thrusting. Is this possible or can I continue with the savage lovemaking routine worry free? 

-Rough Houser 

Dear RH,

You should be fine. It’s unlikely that aggressive thrusting will cause any real, long-term damage. But to ensure the safety of your genitals make sure that you are fully aroused before you go in for the main dish, or use lube to reduce friction. If you’re dry down there when your man slides into home base, it increases the risk of tears or abrasions in the vaginal wall, which can be quite painful.

On that note, if you ever feel any pain when your man is thrusting don’t ever hesitate to tell him to slow down or stop. Your body is very good at letting you know when to draw the line. If you experience any bleeding or post-coitus pain, put the rough stuff on the shelf for the time being until everything has healed. Continuing on in this fashion without a decent recovery time in between can lead to more tearing and potentially scarring.

The moral of the story is: rough sex can be a lot of fun but it can get out of hand quickly, so just make sure you and your partner communicate clearly about boundaries with each other—you could even have a safe word for when it gets a little too intense. Otherwise, you should be able to enjoy your adult rough-housing without a worry.



Sex position of the week: The “X”

Ladies, lie down flat on your back on the side of a bed or a table and have your man stand next to you, fully erect. Raise your legs and create an “X” by wrapping them around your partner’s neck as he enters you. It works by creating tightness in your vagina, which allows for deeper penetration. So, in this case, “X” does mark the spot ;)