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Our favourite holiday beverages

YOU’VE WRITTEN ALL your exams, handed in final essays and projects, and finished your shopping for the holidays. What’s the one thing you’re dying for now? A good, strong drink! Here, the editors of the Fulcrum share:

Drink your weight in my own invention, the Yule Tide—it’s fucking delicious.
In a tall glass, mix two parts hot chocolate and one part eggnog. Add 1.5 ounces of spiced rum, stir with a candy cane, and top with whipped cream.

—Mico Mazza, Art Director

My favourite drink? Hot chocolate with Baileys. Not just because it bears my name—it gives a traditional holiday drink a little kick! It’s both soothing and energizing (what’s more electrifying than chocolate, coffee, and booze?), and is really nice for warming up when it’s cold outside.

—Charlotte Bailey, Online Editor

Vodka is my special holiday drink. Why? Take it from a Russian: Vodka makes every day a holiday.

—Yevgeniya Igor Lytvynenko, News Editor


Nothing beats sitting by the fireside and chugging a hot cup of cocoa to chase away the winter blues. Whether it’s topped with marshmallows, whipped cream, or chocolate drizzle, there’s no wrong way to make a cup of hot chocolate. If you want to have something different, add a peppermint tea bag. Its minty deliciousness will leave you craving more.

         —Sofia Hashi, Arts & Culture Editor


When I’m really chilled to the bone, I bypass the powdered hot chocolate mix and open my liquor cabinet. If you love candy canes as much as I do, I recommend making yourself a peppermint martini. You’ll need five ounces of vanilla vodka, two ounces of white crème de menthe, and half an ounce of peppermint schnapps.  Shake with ice and enjoy.

—Kristyn Filip, Features Editor

My favourite drink is a pumpkin spice latte. It may not be the most festive, but when the cold hits, that’s what I’m drinking.

—Michelle Ferguson, Production Manager

You can find me at La Maison drinking a Miller Genuine Draft with pieces of candy cane floating in the bottle.

—Mercedes Mueller, Editor-in-Chief

 My favourite drink is a white mocha with whipped cream. Nothing says a winter morning like a warm cup of it. As far as an alcoholic drink goes, I’ll have a Baileys and coffee with dessert!

—Katherine DeClerq, Sports Editor

 The English Snowball is possibly the richest, most delicious cocktail I’ve ever tasted. Made from one part Advocaat—a liqueur from the Netherlands—and two parts Sprite, the English Snowball tastes precisely like an orange creamsicle. Fairly cheap and easy to make, this is one drink that will definitely have you coming back for more until you’re face down on the floor.

 —Jaclyn Lytle, Executive Editor