The holidays can see increased pollution, especially from single-use plastics and mass consumption of disposable consumer goods. So how can you help the environment while still giving friends and family gifts they’ll love?

Are you having trouble resisting that hot co-worker? Going home for the holidays, but still want to get it on? Dear Di knows all and tells all.

‘Tis the season of indulgence. We fill ourselves up with gifts, food, and relaxation, but balance is key when it comes to holiday excess. If you want to beat the “festive 15,” staying active during the holidays is a necessity.

Through my many years of attending and hosting holiday parties, I have picked up a few tips that will help you and your guests enjoy all that delicious food, without the post-holiday pounds.

The worst part of tobogganing when you were little was dragging your sled back up the hill. Now that you’re older, you can appreciate what walking uphill will do to your glutes. It’s a calorie burner too—one hour of tobogganing can work off 345 calories.

Students share their holiday rituals WHETHER IT’S SOMETHING your family has been doing forever, or it’s a new tradition you want to start this year, everyone tends to get a little weird around the holidays. Check out the following hilarious holiday traditions from University of Ottawa students—maybe they’ll help you feel better about the weird …

Unfortunate gifts we’ve given and received at the holidays “UH, THANK YOU! It’s really, um, great!” We’ve all been there. Unwrapping a terrible present in front of the expectant gift-giver has got to be one of the most uncomfortable moments a person endures during the holiday season. Here, Fulcrum writers share their own unfortunate stories …

How to enjoy the holidays without killing the planet CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ADORN homes, illuminating nativity scenes or Santa and his reindeer. Elaborately wrapped gifts sit under elegantly decorated trees. It’s a pretty time of year, but while we’re dreaming of a white Christmas, the environment is hoping we keep it green over the holidays. Between …

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