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Saddle up in style

Photo by Susannah Vo 

Putting on a condom doesn’t have to be a buzz-kill or a struggle. Try out these sexy ways to stay safe while you heat things up between the sheets.

The magic’s in your mouth

This one’s not as tricky as it seems, and it’s super seductive for your partner. Dab a little lube onto your fingertips and place just the tip of the condom into your mouth, keeping the rest of it outside. Squeeze the tip of the condom between your lips, taking care to avoid teeth contact to not risk a tear. This one’s all in the lips: Wrap your mouth around his penis and gently guide the condom onto the head with your fingers. Then put your puckered-up lips to good use and push the rest of the condom down into position and you’re ready for action.

Back, back, back it up

With this one, the power is all in your hands. Position your partner on his knees with his back to you. Take your time teasing your partner before you come up from behind, giving him a good rubdown complete with kisses on the neck. When he’s heated up and ready to go, bring the condom with your other hand to wrap his package.

Tingle, tingle, little star

The effect on his senses with this move can be unexpectedly pleasurable. Holding the condom by the rim, squirt some tingling lube into the tip. When you roll it down over your partner’s package, he’ll get some seriously chilling sensations on his shaft that will have him seeing stars.

Saddle up

This move takes a little skill. After a bit of foreplay to get your partner raring to go, place the condom over the head of his penis, but only as far as the ridge of the tip of the penis head. Then take the opportunity to hop on up, and in. Let your body take the reins to push the condom down the rest of the way, using some hand action if necessary. Giddy up!

…And ride off into the sunset

Follow the above, but in the reverse cowgirl position so your guy has a view worth millions. He’ll have to rely on the sensations of your hands and body, only amping up his arousal.

Taste tester

There’s a taste for everyone out there, so experiment with different condom and lube flavours from one of your fave sex shops. Use the lube on your tongue and run it up and down his penis, covering his shaft with your flavour of choice. Then slide on a condom nice and easy, with another taste if you feel so inclined. Sex has never tasted so good.

Patience makes perfect

You’re in control. Channel your inner temptress by sitting between his legs and pinning him at the waist. Holding his gaze, let him watch you slowly undo the wrapper and guide the condom achingly slowly over his penis. Take your time for some kisses, a ball massage, or grab a little ass. Make him be patient—good things cum to those who can wait.

Cum hither

Men, take aim. Ladies, you can start by laying on your back and placing the condom in front of your vagina, with the tip of your partner’s penis resting just inside the condom. Have him thrust forward into you, rolling the rest of the condom down, and you’re ready for action.

Tease before pleasing

Heat it up with foreplay, fooling around between the sheets until you’re ready for penetration. Pass him a condom and tell him to suit up. While he’s getting ready, lock eyes and indulge in a little self-pleasure. He’ll be putting that condom on faster than … well, faster than it normally takes to get a condom on a penis.

Double trouble

Pay your local sex shop a visit and pick up a vibrating penis ring. This secures at the base of his shaft and produces some sexy vibrations for you both. You can thread the condom through the ring, hold the rim of the condom and the edge of the ring together, then place the combo on the head of his penis. As you roll the rubber down, hit GO on the ring, and you’ll both be away to the races.

The squeeze

Ladies, have your partner kneel over you while you lay on your back and have your man get a good feel, gently pushing your boobs together. While you hold the condom right at the underside of your cleavage, tell him to lean forward and thrust into the condom. His momentum will push him into the rest of the condom, at the same time pushing his package up through your boobage.