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photo illustration by Mico Mazza

Campus bar gets an upgrade

THE STUDENT FEDERATION of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) is looking to make their on-campus bar profitable this year. 1848, the student-run campus watering hole, has been upgrading its kitchen, menus, and overall look this summer to lure in customers during the 2011–12 school year. With these changes premiering this fall, the SFUO is optimistic about 1848’s financial future.

“The bar has not broken even in the past, [but] each of the past four years the bar moves closer to profitability,” said Sarah Jayne King, vp finance of SFUO, who has been overseeing the project.

The bar is now equipped with a new, state-of-the-art kitchen, which means students can look forward to a brand new menu. To create a  more welcoming atmosphere, the bar will also be getting a paint job and updating its interior.

“The overall look of the bar is changing too. The interior has been given a more modern paint job and new signage has been created to draw more attention to the place,” said King.

In addition to a new menu, 1848 offers daily specials on drinks that students on a budget can take advantage of. The bar will be offering $2 half-pints between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. every day, in addition to a Beer Tour of the World promotion.

“The new beer passport is a promotion whereby participants are given a ‘beer passport’ with a list of 28 different beers from 21 different countries,” explained King.

Once the customer has sampled a beer, they are rewarded with a stamp in their passport. A full passport will make participants eligible to win a variety of prizes. The Beer Tour of the World will be a year-long promotion, with smaller prizes awarded throughout the year and the grand prize awarded at the year’s end.

“[Patrons] are entered in a draw for several 1848 prize packs, including an 1848 private party with beer and food provided,” said King.

The SFUO has plans to launch an intensive marketing campaign involving posters, stickers, and social media to ensure students are aware of these changes—and the fact that an on-campus bar even exists in the University Centre. King hopes the changes in marketing and business will present 1848 as a conveniently located place where students can relax between classes.

“To University of Ottawa students, 1848 offers a inexpensive convenient place to relax between classes that they can call their own. It’s student-run and student-centred,” said King.

The renovations to 1848 will be finished over the summer, with the bar opening its brand new doors to students this September.

Chris Radojewski