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Taylor Davidson cites health reasons for resignation

Photo By: Marta Kierkus

Taylor Davidson, vice-president of finance of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) resigned from her post at a Board of Administration meeting on Sept. 20. This is the second resignation coming from the executive this year.

“I have a permanent illness that’s been particularly bad recently. I’m pursuing new treatment options but I haven’t been able to work properly or make it into the office,” said Davidson, who didn’t attend the meeting. “I started feeling really sick about a month ago, so I knew if it got too bad then that’s what I would have to do.”

“I didn’t feel it was fair to the students who elected me or my co-executives,” she said. “It was definitely the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

According to the SFUO constitution, the executive may appoint any federated body member to fill a vacant executive position until a by-election is held. “This by-election must be held between September 15 and October 31.”

Davidson claimed the vice-president finance position with 1,785 votes in the February elections, running on the Impact slate.

The six position executive committee is now down to four following Davidson’s resignation. SFUO president, David Gakwerere, resigned on July 12, citing personal reasons. Davidson did not wish to comment on the circumstances surrounding Gakwerere’s resignation.

Vice-president of communications, Roméo Ahimakin filled in Gakwerere’s position when he resigned. Ahimakin originally ran for the vice-president social position in the SFUO elections, but lost to Hadi Wess by 39 votes.

The vice-president of communications position went vacant and a selection committee was charged with the task of finding a suitable candidate. On April 8, Ahimakin was selected to be the vice-president of communications, while other candidates criticized the process.

The SFUO has not yet disclosed when the by-election will take place.