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THE FIRST DAY of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) executive debates was held yesterday at the Unicentre Agora. The candidates for vp communications, vp student affairs, and vp social squared off in a debate was moderated the editor-in-chiefs of the two student newspapers on campus, Mercedes Mueller of the Fulcrum and Anaïs Elboujdaïni of La Rotonde.

Vp communications

Anne-Marie Roy, the only candidate for vp communications, laid out several platform points, including revamping of the SFUO website to make it more useful and integrating it into students’ day-to-day lives by posting menus and specials for the different restaurants on campus.

A question from an audience member, asking if she would be removing the SFUO website from the control of the Canadian Federation of Students, drew surprised reactions from the audience. Roys said she will make the SFUO website more independent.

Vp student affairs

Tasha Peters and Kate Hudson, vp student affairs candidates, talked about the need to improve club and services. Hudson argued the current clubs and services should remain as is, while Peters said employees should be better trained and the SFUO and services websites should be improved.

Peters stuck to her campaign platform, saying more 24-hour study areas are needed on campus. In closing, Peters claimed to have the experience needed to implement her policies, while Hudson said she wants to see voter turnout increase and be able to connect with students on campus.

Vp social

The final debate of the day saw Jozef Spiteri go head-to-head with current vp social Marie-Claude Noël. Noël reminded students she ran the first on-budget 101 Week in years, and with her last term under her belt, she is hoping to better serve the students of the university. Spiteri emphasized the need to have fun with life, and he is hoping to help students do that as vp social.

Both candidates were asked about their vision for 101 Week is, with Noël responding she was happy with how it was done this past year and applauded Fedstock’s bilingual performances. Spiteri, however, admitted he would like to see 101 Week become more of an orientation to new students instead of week of drinking.

Spiteri also said he would jump at the chance to have either Justin Beiber or Nickleback play at Fedstock, but both candidates admitted there are not enough funds to land either act.

—Andrew Ikeman