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Jeffrey James Shulman, a 53-year-old Canadian who has participated in many bank holdups and over 21 robberies, was caught by plainclothes police officers in Switzerland on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

He was seen driving on a Geneva street and was then taken into custody after five years on the run.

Jeffrey James Shulman, famously known as the Vaulter, faces extradition and the possibility of life behind bars.

“We are very pleased that Canada’s most notorious bank robber is finally in custody,” York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe told the Ottawa Citizen.

Ottawa police also believe that Jeffrey is responsible for multiple robberies that have taken place in Ottawa.

The total amount stolen from the Vaulter from the 21 robberies is not yet known.

York police authorities say there are several steps to be taken before Shulman can return to Canada.

—Sarah Miles