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photo courtesy Sean Done

JOZEF SPITERI WON the position of vp social for the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) for the 2012–13 year. Spiteri received 2,577 votes, according to preliminary results, to beat incumbent Marie-Claude Noël.

“[I was] surprised there was that many,” said Jozef Spiteri about the turnout. “We called on students [and they are] able to be proud of their work.”

The announcement of the winner for the vp social race experienced delays. Ballot counting went two hours past its projection and the announcement was interrupted by a fire alarm that went off in the Unicentre.

When the winner was announced, supporters of Spiteri celebrated by lifting him into the air above the crowd. After the fire alarm sounded and he was placed on his feet, Spiteri told the Fulcrum he was ready to get down to business.

“I have to stick to what I said I would do,” said Spiteri. “From there, I have to figure out how to do it and do it properly.”

Spiteri said he had three priorities he wants to address when he starts his term.

“Fixing Fedstock, fixing the advertising, and the voting would be the first three priorities,” said Spiteri. “Also, having the calendar [of events] up by September would be great.”

Spiteri also gave credit to his advertising campaign and affiliation with Ethan Plato, the newly elected president for the SFUO. Campaign posters for Spiteri and Plato were distinct and highly visible across campus throughout the campaign compared to other candidates.

“I think the ad [campaign] had a huge impact. I think running with Ethan made a big difference compared to a group of six,” he said, referring to the other affilliations, composed of Adam Gilani, vp finance; Anne-Marie Roy, vp communications; and Liz Kessler, vp university affairs will occupy the new executive with Spiteri, Plato, and Kate Hudson, vp student affairs.

—Christopher Radojewski