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An increasing number of undergraduate students at the U of O has led to plans for a new 165-bed, $12-million residence that could be converted to condominiums in the future.

The project, dubbed the “Henderson Residence,” is to be located at 206 Henderson Ave. and plans indicate that it will be a “suite-style residence” with a shared bathroom in each two-bedroom unit. The residence will have laundry facilities, a lounge, dining and kitchen common areas, and common study rooms on each floor.

The university needs at least another 1,000 rooms in the next three to four years to keep up with student housing needs. Along with the Henderson Residence, at least two property owners have discussed potential plans for privately run off-campus housing.

The overwhelming need for student housing has led to property owners in the Sandy Hill area converting single-family homes into multi-unit apartments with several bedrooms and small common spaces. The city has temporarily banned these projects and is trying to find a way to limit them.

—KayCie Gravelle