ARE YOU TIRED of waiting for the bus that never comes? The bus that’s constantly 10 minutes late? The bus that is so late it came at the same time as the next scheduled bus? The bus that’s so packed you can’t get on… and if you can, you feel more like a sardine than a human?

I know you are. I’ve heard it, read it on Facebook, and seen it on your face when you’re waiting for any of the above described busses.

You pay $290 an academic year for this transportation “service” that seems to be more of a headache than a service. It’s time we demand for the quality service OC Transpo advertises. It’s time we move away from Facebook and use those writing skills we spend so much time polishing in university. Write to your city councillor and demand that he or she represents your interests at city council. The university neighbourhood is represented by Mathieu Fleury, who can be reached at Mathieu.Fleury@ottawa.ca.

A complete list of all city councillors can be found at: Ottawa.ca/city_hall/ mayor_council/councillors/index_en.html.

Get your “write”-on!

Valerie Lemieux

Fourth-year biochemistry student