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Debuts new haircut and hangs out with other guys to ‘show him what he’s missing’

Kristyn Filip | Fulcrum Staff

OVER EASTER WEEKEND, third-year engineering student Matthew Oblak attempted several times to make his ex-boyfriend Justin Wu jealous, but to no avail.

“I’m definitely ‘the one that got away’ and I think it’s high time he acknowledges that and starts regretting that we ever broke up,” said Oblak.

Sam Falk, Oblak’s best friend and roommate, couldn’t explain why her friend was unsuccessful in his endeavour.

“I’m really not sure what went wrong,” Falk said. “Matthew did everything right. He went out a lot, he took lots of pictures with guys and uploaded them to Instagram, he cut his hair… I don’t think Justin noticed any of it.”

According to Oblak, he updated his Facebook profile multiple times over the weekend, taking care to craft elusive statuses that hinted at his popularity and newly adapted devil-may-care outlook.

“I thought for sure Justin would get pissed when I posted a really great picture of me with the caption, ‘Love my drama-free life, love my friends, love the crazy shit we do together,’” said Oblak. “I was expecting an angry text about it, or a rude comment, or something. I’m actually not even sure if he saw the post.”

Oblak also posted on Facebook a link to a video of Pink’s 2006 hit “Just U +Ur Hand Tonight,” hoping Wu would take notice and leave a comment. Although Wu did not acknowledge the post, many of Oblak’s friends “liked” it and left messages of support for their newly single pal.

“You tell him, babe!” wrote one friend. “Your [sic] better off without him.”

Wu, a second-year visual arts major, has yet to release a statement about the break-up or about his ex’s Easter weekend efforts, but friends say he has been lying low since the dissolution of his relationship.

“Justin didn’t really want to talk about it when they broke up,” said Areeb Dia, Wu’s friend and co-worker at Loblaws. “I felt obligated to ask him if he was OK because he’s my friend and all, but he just kind of said yes and that was the end of that. He’s been going to the gym a lot and stuff, but otherwise, I haven’t really seen him.”

Oblak and Wu, who have broken up twice before, met at a Halloween party in 2011.

“He was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and I was Woody. We didn’t even know each other, so it was totally random, but actually kind of cute,” said Oblak. “If someone had told me then that he would be more interested in sitting on the couch and watching Sons of Anarchy than hanging out with me, I would never have gone out with him in the first place.”

Although Oblak admits to feeling discouraged by the lack of response his actions have garnered from Wu, he is still determined to make his ex jealous.

“Next I’m going to buy some new clothes, get a great summer internship, and book a trip to Europe,” said Oblak.

“When I post pictures of me with a French guy in front of the Eiffel Tower, Justin won’t know what hit him.”