We <3 you. Photo: CC, Max Pixel. Edits: Adam Gibbard.
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This year has been a rollercoaster.

Starting our transition online hasn’t been easy. We’ve faced financial challenges, and broke important stories, but it’s the end of the publishing year, and we made it. None of it could have been done without you.

Whether you contributed to the paper, sent us a pitch or a news tip, or simply picked up a copy of our special issues on stands every month and shared a story with your friends, thank you.

Thank you to our volunteers who continue to astound us with their talent and enthusiasm, and to editors past for working so hard to make the last 77 years of print possible. Thank you for being the giants whose shoulders we could stand on, and for paving the way for our transition to online.

Thank you also, to our readers for making every gruelling night, every impossible deadline, and every embarrassing photo shoot worth it.

Thanks to our Board of Directors for pushing us into the digital world, and for directors of the past for facilitating our independence from the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) and keeping us financially afloat since then.

Thank you to the SFUO for always giving us something to write about it.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Fulcrum in print, and to those who stood by us when we chose to drop the medium.

The sentimental value of print is not lost on us, and we appreciate everyone who helped us through this transition, everyone who made special issues possible, and everyone who had the courage to walk into our office and share their stories with us.

While the Fulcrum will no longer exist in print, we look forward to the possibilities that are open to us online, and we’re excited and determined to continue producing high-quality journalism, relevant to you. We may not be on stands but we will still strive to be your number-one source for all things U of O.

Finally, a special thank you goes out to the following people and publications for their overwhelming support for our GoFundMe campaign to help us fund our last print issue ever, a reality which didn’t seem possible at the time due to a delay in receiving our student levies this year.*

With your help, we exceeded our goal of $3,022 by a full grand, within 48 hours.

To everyone who has supported us through each transition over the years, thank you for believing in student journalism.

*Andrew Wilkinson, The Eyeopener, The Ubyssey, Evan Annett, Andrew Price, Anchal Sharma, Gobind Sharma, Devyn Barrie, Kyle Darbyson, Temur Durrani, Alanna Rizza, Hannah Berge, Reut Cohen, Jacob Dubé, Zak Vescera, Brandon Buechler, Samantha McCabe, Sammy Smart, Frankie Hart, Sophie Alicia Sutcliffe, Andrew McWhinney, Jason Herring, Zeahaa Rehman, Rithikha Rajamohan, Salomon Benrimoh, Jack O. Denton, Loranne Brown, Rebecca Peterson, Derek Baker, Hamzah M., Adam Travis, Michael Clarke, Tobin Ng, Amy O’Kruk, Jacob Lorinc, Emily Sams, Margaret Grayson, Graham Robertson, Elliott Lockington, Marguerite Gollish, Mikayla Goddard, Halla Bertrand, Vassi Sharlandjieva, Mel Woods, Nick Pearce, Carol Clifford-Smith, Alex McKeen, Robin Pianosi, Iain Sellers, Simon Gollish, Michael Conley, Marissa Phul, Andrea Ross, Henry Anderson, S. Isaacs.

All donations were refunded upon receival of our student levies in March.