Women's soccer
Queen’s really didn’t let the Gee-Gees off the hook this fall. Photo: Stefane Kemilev/Fulcrum
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The Golden Gaels ended the Gee-Gees pursuit of championships this fall

Any loss sucks. No one wants to lose (unless you’re the Montreal Canadiens, then maybe you should look into tanking). 

But playoff losses hit differently, and seemingly all Gee-Gees fall sports varsity teams had their playoff runs ended by the same university — Queens. 

It started with the women’s soccer team, a team that I was incredibly confident would make a run to the U Sports National Championship.

I was shocked when the Gee-Gees were stopped in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) semi-final, shot down by a team they’d defeated in exciting fashion during their dominant regular season. 

 2-0. Two goals is all it took. That’s it. 

You were undefeated in the regular season? Congratulations, back to the locker room, back to the offseason, you couldn’t get it done in the playoffs, better luck next year (a narrative a certain Toronto hockey team is used to). 

There was never an argument that Queen’s was the strongest team the Gees faced all season, and while a team can move on from a loss, was this the beginning of some sort of curse? 

The football team had a tough year, no doubt, but they earned a place in the OUA semi-final. This obviously did not come without hard work and fucking grinding through the loss of a teammate, rough looking games, and defeating the team that handed them their first loss of the year. 

I hate to doubt a Gee-Gees team, but I was nervous for the playoff game against Toronto. A first round exit would have been sad, but not too far-fetched. 

Some teams make it out of those situations and claw their way to victory. 

The Gee-Gees did make it out, and honestly, I hoped that Carleton would too. 

It feels illegal to root for the Ravens, but in this case, seeing the Gees face them seemed like the cooler next step in an incredible underdog story. 

Nope. Carleton lost out to Queen’s. Okay Gee-Gees, hop on the bus, go to Kingston. 

32-15 loss to the Gaels. Game over, playoffs will proceed without you, no storybook ending. Unless you hate Queen’s and love the fact they got stumped 29-0 by the Western University Mustangs in the Yates Cup game — then you got your storybook ending.  

I applaud every person involved with the football team. I cannot imagine the emotions that were felt throughout the 2021 season. 

When things happen twice, it’s probably just a coincidence. But, the Gee-Gees and Queen’s story did not end there. 

Another dominant Gee-Gees team, the women’s rugby team, could not seem to defeat Laval. Two losses to the Rouge et Or in the regular season, a third in the RSEQ final. Not ideal, but okay, because the team secured their spot in the U Sports National Championships. 

Guess who’s hosting? Queen’s. 

Fast forward to Kingston. 

The Gee-Gees fought their way through the quarters and semi-final games to earn a shot at the national championship. Surprisingly enough, Laval would not be joining them —  they choked to Queen’s. 

Another date for the Garnet and Grey with the Gaels. An evening under the lights in Kingston with Queen’s — a familiar narrative. 

Tied at half, it could have gone either way. 

The universe had a decision to make, and it went with Queen’s winning a national championship on home turf, and the U of O returning to the comforts of Father and Sons with silver medals. 

Queen’s really didn’t let the Gee-Gees off the hook this fall, and now that I think about it, my team’s first loss of the season was to Queen’s. The lacrosse club was also ousted from their playoffs by the Gaels. Really makes you think. 

That wraps things up for the U of O’s fall sports run. Now, it’s time to shift focus onto the teams just starting up their regular seasons. 

I’d like to believe this whole Queen’s situation only applies to the fall season, but I guess we’ll wait and see.