A football helmet in the Gee-Gees football teams locker room
Photo: Marta Kierkus/Fulcrum
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University is working closely with Ottawa Public Health on the matter

Five University of Ottawa football players have tested positive for COVID-19 as first reported by CTV Ottawa. All Gee-Gees varsity football training has been suspended until further notice. 

In a statement on Thursday night, the University said they “received reports that some players were not following self-isolation rules,” and the players in question had “therefore put the health and safety of their teammates, the University community and the public at risk.” 

According to a player on the team, who requested to remain anonymous, the “team was first told of the cases earlier in September after the first person tested positive.”

“We had been shut down including workouts, practice, and meetings until further notice from Ottawa Public Health,”

The player said that last week, just one week after returning to practice, four players on the team tested positive for COVID-19. 

“It’s quite disappointing as it is very inconsistent with our training,” said the player. “We get into a rhythm with our schedule then we get shut down.”

The news comes the same day as Ontario University Athletics (OUA) cancelled all sanctioned sports programming until March 31, 2021.  

Despite no competitive matches, Gee-Gees varsity teams are still allowed to continue training.

“The University of Ottawa has implemented extensive protocols for varsity sports team training that respect public health guidelines. The health and safety protocols enable varsity teams to train, even though the Ontario University Athletics’ (OUA) competitive season has been cancelled due to the pandemic,” added the statement.

The University confirmed they will be working closely with Ottawa Public Health regarding the matter.