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During the school year, it’s all too easy to let your eating habits slip. To help fight this, the Fulcrum has some essential recipes to keep you full and fit all year long.

Coming into the fall semester, it’s best to perfect something that is healthy, quick, and easy to dish out in a pinch. Salads can sometimes get too complex for a student budget and timetable. Not this salad. This salad is as easy as it gets. It makes for a pretty big bowl and with the addition of chicken it will help leave your belly and wallet full!


1 large package of spring mix lettuce (or your favourite kind)

3 tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette (can be flavoured)

1 chicken breast

1/2 english cucumber

1 carrot

1/2 cup toasted almonds (optional)

Any other fruits or veggies that you want to experiment with


Step 1:  Cook chicken in pan with spices, ensure it is cooked through and slice into strips.

Step 2: Place lettuce into large mixing bowl. Peel and dice cucumber, shave or dice carrot, add other veggies of your choice to bowl.

Step 3: Add toasted almonds and dressing, toss well.

Step 4: Top with chicken and enjoy!