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Gees crushed in crosstown rivalry 87-56

Katherine DeClerq | Fulcrum Staff

THE GARNET AND Grey travelled to the Ravens’ Nest on Feb. 3 to compete against their crosstown rivals and seek revenge for their defeat at Capital Hoops. Despite their best efforts, the University of Ottawa men’s basketball team (11-7) suffered a crushing 87-56 defeat to the Carleton University Ravens (18-0).

Carleton’s fast-paced and aggressive play had no effect on the Gees’ determination. First-year guard Michael L’Africain made a backhanded layup for the squad’s first points of the quarter. Regardless of the controlled play, the Gees weren’t able to gain a lead.

Gees second-year guard Johnny Berhanemeskel shot for two within the key to bring the first quarter to a close with a score of 24-12 for the Ravens.

“The first half it was the rebounds,” said head coach James Derouin. “I mean, we got absolutely killed off the glass, and you just can’t give a team this good second and third opportunities—and that was what was happening out there.”

The Gees started to lose their discipline in the second quarter, allowing the Ravens the opportunity to basket a handful of three-pointers. Carleton out-passed the U of O—faster than their defence could handle—leading to a score of 49-29 by halftime.

“Everything [Carleton] threw went in. We could have played a little tighter defence, but I mean, it felt like they couldn’t miss,” said Derouin.

The Gees performed stronger in the second half. Berhanemeskel and L’Africain teamed up for a three-pointer and a few two-pointers to bring the Gees back into the game. The U of O held Carleton to its lowest scoring of the game, each team adding 17 points to the board.

Philip Scrubb, second-year guard for the Ravens, shot 30 points and five rebounds, outscoring the Gees’ highest scorer of the night, L’Africain, by 13 points.

“In the second half, I thought we cleaned it up a bit, especially on the rebounds,” said Derouin. “But Scrubb—I’ve said it a long time—I think he is the best in the country. It’s mind blowing, really. Everything he threw went in.”

The squad is taking this loss as a learning experience, and hopes to improve on rebounds and defensive strategy.

“We learned a lot and we’ve come a long way since the Scotiabank game,” said Derouin. “I’m proud of the effort but we’ve got to get better,.”

The Gees will travel to Queen’s University to compete against the Golden Gaels (2-6) on Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. before heading to  play the RMC Paladins (0-18) on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m.