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THE FUTURE OF the Gee-Gees’ football team is set to arrive and excitement surrounding the newest quarterback recruit 17-year-old Winnipeg native Théo Deezar is pulsing throughout the team.

Deezar is a bilingual athlete who has already racked up some impressive hardware. Most recently capturing the Winnipeg High School Football League ANAVETS Bowl (AAA) championship, Deezar hopes to bring his winning ways to Ottawa.

According to head coach Jean-Philippe Asselin, Deezar possesses the traits he looks for in every Gee-Gees recruit.

“He is a mature young man. He will work hard in the classroom, on the field, and in the film room,” said Asselin about the newest member of the Garnet and Grey. “He also has a high football IQ. [Deezar] has good character and athletic ability.”

When asked what he will bring to the table for the Gees, Deezar showed a sense of confidence and drive uncommon in younger players.

“I’d describe myself as a leader,” he said. “I’m pretty good at turning the page. I don’t focus on my errors and always strive to move forward. I’m hard working; I know I’m not the strongest or the fastest, but I will work as hard as I can to get there.”

The soon-to-be Telfer freshman said Ottawa felt like the perfect place to spend his university career, and he is looking forward to donning the Garnet and Grey uniform.

“Ottawa just seemed right for me. The guys I stayed with were an awesome group of guys, and everyone seemed super inviting. It was kind of the whole atmosphere there—it was just something I knew I wanted to be a part of.”

While Deezar is confident he has skills to bring to the team, he knows he still has to develop as an athlete in order to compete in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) league.

“I know that moving up to the CIS will make for a faster game, so just adapting to the speed of the game will be huge,” said Deezar. “It is something I will have to work hard on to improve.”

Both Deezar and Asselin have high expectations for the U of O this year after the early playoff exit last season.

“I know one thing, we will be a better team than last year,” said Asselin.

Deezar is on the same page, and is excited to be part of the University of Ottawa football team.

“I think the program is on the rise, and with some new recruits coming in, we will be a stellar team in the coming years.”

—Katherine DeClerq