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Men’s basketball team narrowly defeats Rams; women ousted by Ravens

This past Saturday, Feb. 22, the Gee-Gees basketball teams competed in the Ontario University Athletic (OUA) East finals to secure a spot in the final four. The men’s basketball team fought hard as they knocked out the Ryerson Rams with a tight win of 79–78. However, the women’s team played through a tough loss against cross-town rivals the Carleton University Ravens with a final score of 57–39.

It was possibly the most intense game to date of this season for the men’s team. The Gees and the Rams were both nationally ranked teams coming in and both battled for every point during the match. The game came down to the final seconds, during which the Gees pulled away with one final basket to secure the win.

“We know that all the games left this year will be like the one versus Ryerson, with lots of intensity,” said fourth-year economics student Johnny Berhanemeskel. “One of the biggest things is knowing our defence and rebounding. It’s what is going to keep us in every game.  If we can do that, we will be in a good place.”

The entire game was made up of constant lead changes from both ends. However, Berhanemeskel knocked down some key baskets in the fourth, and crucial foul shots from fourth-year Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue gave the team the upper hand in its one-point victory. Saturday was the first night this season that Montpetit Hall was packed with Gee-Gees fans. Everyone relished the tight game, as well as fourth-year social science student Terry Thomas with his typical amazing performance. Thomas produced three dunks in the first half alone and finished the match with a game high of 28 points, four rebounds, and two steals.

Across town, the women’s basketball team did not have quite the picturesque ending to its season. After accruing more injured players than can be counted on one hand, the Gee-Gees had quite a hefty challenge ahead of them with the Ravens.

But the Gees lost a heartbreaking game against their rivals, as they were unable to hit any shots from outside the key. The Ravens’ defence was very physical and held the Gee-Gees to only six points in the second quarter and only seven in the fourth. Overall, the Ravens executed their game plan, buckled down, and outplayed the Gees for the win.

Graduating player Angela Tilk said that although their season came to an abrupt end, she had many favourite moments during her last season as a Gee-Gee.

“Prince Edward Island and the Florida trips were for sure amazing times,” said Tilk. “The flash mob in downtown Disney on New Year’s Eve and beating McMaster and Brock on the road when they were nationally ranked higher than us are also memories I won’t forget.”

Tilk offered advice for all Gee-Gees that will play in the years ahead.

“If you think you’re working hard enough, you’re not,” she said. “You can accomplish so much more if you’re open to advice and if you recognize that there is always something more you can be doing.”

She continued, “Andy Sparks is the best coach in the country and your teammates are your family, so don’t put yourself in a position to let them down. Also, don’t tear your Achilles; it just doesn’t help at all. And always stretch your calves.”