Photo: CC, Tyson Dudley.
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Coach plans to add staff to prepare for next season

The Men’s golf team, which hasn’t had varsity status since 2002, will start its next season in the new varsity club tier.

“We’re no longer varsity, no longer a club, so we’ll work it out and see what that means,” said Paul Carson, the team’s coach.

Carson said that it was interest among team members that was a driving factor in seeking varsity club status. “I didn’t do this for me, I did it because a kid on the team kept telling me we needed to do it.”

Carson explained that he’s not sure how much work the new status will add, but he’s been preparing. “I’m trying to bring some other people in, get some other people involved to coach the men’s team, that should be better.”

Carson is certainly confident in his team’s abilities.

“We have a pretty good team… we’ve won a number of provincial championships,” said Carson. “Approaching 50 per cent of the time we medal.”

But in addition to the level of play, Carson said he wants to create an environment where students stay involved academically as well. He said that some players can chase careers playing at certain universities, often in the States, and end up suffering academically.

“I’ve had at least one parent tell me that his kid took five years to get a four-year degree, that when he applied to graduate school up here was only worth two years,” he said. “That happens all the time.”

Though he’s not sure what administrative changes will come in future years, Carson said that he’s glad for the acknowledgement that comes with the new varsity clubs status. “I’m glad about the recognition, I’m very pleased about that,” he said. “My players are pleased too.”