Iain Sellers

“It’s magic … when there’s a crowd in here, and … snow is falling outside, (and) everybody’s got a drink—it’s a very intimate space for people to kick back, have a drink, and listen to the authors reading from their work—it’s really magic.”

“In part, it’s a way of thinking through questions that are raised by ancient Greek philosophy, and in part, it’s a way of thinking through those questions (about) poetry, and (life’s) day-to-day experience of loss, and what happens when you turn that loss into something that’s wider—more abstract, ” explained author and PhD student, Sarah Feldman.

“I think a lot of them were intrigued by the story, by the text, by the way it was written because it’s not your regular realistic drama—it goes way beyond that,” explained director Melina Buziak. “The characters often break the fourth wall and refer directly to the audience and the text is really intriguing.”

“It’s basically a historical piece about the disability rights movement, but it resonates with us—(because) to us, it’s still current. So, in that sense, it’s an ongoing struggle for equality … (and) the piece represents that,” Liz Winkelaar, the director of Spasticus.

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