The most coveted spot in class isn’t a seat next to that cutie you’re trying to get a number from, but the seat by the outlets. Trust me, all available plugs usually get taken before the prof has a chance to walk into the lecture hall.

The blackout caused some minor inconveniences on campus, including knocking out Protection Service’s phone system, and forcing students to leave the library and their classrooms.

Local food also seems to always pack a flavourful punch incomparable to the imported and GMO products we find at grocery stores. Perhaps it’s merely a psychological effect, but consuming local food usually leaves me more satisfied and full, not to mention with a heightened sense of moral contentment.

The best bars on or near campus to fill your stomach and wet your whistle Photos by Tina Wallace Whether you’re looking for filling fare, frosty beers, or new friends, all these pubs will have you making great memories while spending those pinched pennies. Café Nostalgica: 601 Cumberland St. Newly renovated Nostalgica reopened this fall …

Where to find free entertainment on campus YOUR YEARS SPENT as an undergraduate student are supposed to be filled with fun and exciting new experiences. Between parties, concerts, and nights on the town, university should be the time of your life. But with rising costs of tuition fees, school supplies, food, and rent, taking advantage …

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