Dan Leroy

Russia is in the wrong. Not just on this issue, but also in the government’s actions against political opponents and the LGBTQ+ community. Extended Russian power means a world with less freedom of speech and affiliation. How to best respond should be debated endlessly and acted upon relentlessly. Canada has more than a million people of Ukrainian ancestry. Make no mistake this crisis involves us.

Earlier this month, Gee-Gees fourth-year running back Brendan Gillanders and fourth-year wide receiver Simon Le Marquand participated in the Canadian Football League (CFL) Combine, the top training camp for football prospects.

We’re all fat. At least that’s what mainstream media would like us to believe, bombarding us with images of size two models or men with ripped eight-packs in commercials asking us to pay for a gym membership.

I am unaware of anyone who has not felt disgusted and pained by the massacre in Newtown. How is it possible for a man to walk into an elementary school with a legally obtained military assault weapon and open fire on innocent children?

It is no secret that we English Quebecers feel a certain disconnect with our own province. This disconnect explains why we turn the television off when Jean Charest or Pauline Marois come on and why we choose any activity over heading to a ballot box.