The divestment movement is rapidly taking over university campuses across the country, but is it really the best way to bring about positive environmental change?

Why does the buying, storing, moving, and eventual disposal of stuff occupy such an important place in our lives? Better yet, is this obsession an economic issue or a psychological issue, or both?

Are plastic bags that big of an environmental issue? Photo courtesy of Tina Wallace Point: We should focus on more important issues Jasmine van Schouwen | Fulcrum Staff Companies who claim they are curbing pollution by reducing plastic bag production are misleading and short-sighted. Plastic bags are a problem, there’s no doubt about that. According …

“The people that think they cannot make a difference frustrate me the most,” said Mueller. “To me, it’s simple math. 1+1+1+1+1=the population of our campus, the population of Ottawa, etc. The difference is made by each individual working separately but together [to lessen] our impact on the environment.”