“It’s been a technological crisis for the last decade or so, and an advertising crisis, and now it’s sort of an existential crisis. If these things don’t exist – if the reporters and the institutions disappear from towns, campuses, cities, provinces – all of a sudden it’s just news darkness.” — Brett Popplewell, journalism professor at Carleton University.

Scandinavian countries have been experimenting with this concept for a few years. A recent study of Swedish firms found that when workdays were only six hours long, productivity and worker satisfaction improved, while turnover dropped.

Tulip Festival uproots and leaves the National Capital Commission’s parks OTTAWA—THE CANDIAN TULIP Festival is switching venues for its 60th anniversary. The festival, which attracts over 500,000 visitors each year, will be put on in community sites around the city, instead of on the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) property, like Major Hills Park and Commissioner’s …