Often times when a partner expresses jealousy or insecurity, brushing it off can make the issue snowball. Even if you know nothing is happening, make sure to take your partner’s concerns seriously.

Now a Gee-Gee alum, set to graduate in the spring in psychology and philosophy, Biocchi now trains solo. He’s self-motivated every day to overcome hard workouts and bad races. His training is intense and requires every last bit of focus to perform at his highest level during practice.

Local organization Jer’s Vision hosted a panel discussion Feb. 7 at the Arts Court Theatre with the intent of opening up a dialogue about Russia’s gay propaganda laws with members of the local LGBTQ+ community. The event, titled “Speaking out on Sochi,” featured speakers to discuss the new anti-LGBTQ+ law within the context of the ongoing Winter Olympics.

The message? Unless you’re a professional with a large fan base that can increase viewership of the games, your accomplishments somehow mean less. Although I doubt any of us truly think this way, it’s sadly the underlying message when all the attention is given to the pros.

Jer’s Vision, an Ottawa-based youth initiative and non-profit organization, is spearheading an awareness campaign in January and February aimed at highlighting the recent signing of an anti-gay law in Russia, which criminalizes the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” to minors.

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