Companies consistently take advantage of what’s “in,” whether its body positivity, mental health, or gay rights, and at the end of the day, they are the only ones who profit. The LGBTQ+ community, as with other minority groups, deserve more than a weekend to celebrate their right to exist in the world.

Protests are an inherent part of social change and activism. Women’s right to vote, the civil rights movement, and many other important social movements throughout history could not have progressed and amassed the support necessary for things to change without the power of peaceful dissent.

Campus Pride week may have come and gone at the University of Ottawa, but for Cody Boast, a third-year political science student, the incident that occurred on March 4 left him feeling little pride in his campus community.

LGBT community marches for diversity, acceptance, and self-expression Dayna Prest | Fulcrum Contributor OTTAWA CAPITAL PRIDE 2012 culminated in a fabulous display by Ottawa’s queer community during the annual pride parade on Aug. 26. The theme of this year’s pride celebrations was “come out and play”—a play on words that was taken as a call to action by the hundreds of supporters who attended receptions, boat …