I’m afraid there will never be a consensus within the black community about the use of the n-word. As we move further away from the Civil Rights movement, its use might become more and more frequent and socially acceptable. However, while vocabulary evolves and meanings can change, we cannot forget the history and pain attached to the word.

Instead of protecting and serving, police forces everywhere have become focused on enforcing and subduing, a mentality that’s encouraged by the highest levels of power.

An uncomfortable moral quandary has reared its ugly head at the tail end of the summer movie season with the release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For being coupled with the knowledge that its creator Frank Miller is a total jerk bag in real life.

If the NFL truly wants to eliminate discrimination from the field and the locker room, it still has a long way to go. Penalizing players in a game for their language to teammates, not in anger at the opposition or to a referee, sets a dangerous and hypocritical precedent for a league mired in controversy.

n the last three years, football has seen a rise in the number of prominent black quarterbacks and has been described as the golden era of black quarterbacks. It is not a coincidence that in these past seasons, we have also heard of dual-threat quarterbacks, referring to quarterbacks who can run just as well as they throw.

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