Rideau Centre

Since the eradication of pedestrian walk signal buttons from his ward, Menard has launched an attack on all buttons in general, with no trace of discrimination. The buttons on his office’s microwave, the buttons on all of his clothes, the buttons on his remote control, and the buttons on his home appliances, including his washer and dryer.

It seems the seasonal hits have been provoking insanity in employees and some patrons of the mall, with employees wandering the concourse with ugly seasonal sweaters in hand, mumbling about the upcoming Christmas party and claiming they need to prepare for boxing day.

The Rideau Centre is preparing to undergo a $250-million facelift over the next couple of years, and although shopaholics might be pleased, most students shouldn’t be. The shopping mall is looking to bring in some new stores, and I fear they’re not the kind students will be able to afford.