student debt

According to much of North America’s public policy and even the upper and middle classes’ public perception, poor people or those seeking financial aid are social degenerates who should be treated with nothing but the utmost contempt.

Student loans can be something like diseases, and it’s important that one understands the risk in contracting them, as they can take years to cure and are usually a debilitating, scar-filled experience.

I’m not saying you don’t hang out with your friends and have a great time. I’m saying you don’t do it with six beers in a night. You buy one beer and you hold on to that beer. You sip that sucker till it’s so warm it feels like pee going in before it’s pee coming out.

Alternative loan system would halt student debt crisis THERE IS A fundamental problem with the way our society values education. Canadians have long believed wholeheartedly that an investment in post-secondary education will inevitably lead to significant gains in future income and an improved standard of living. Simple concept, right? Wrong. This perception of the inherent …