The Tomato

The demon was summoned on Halloween night
Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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He’s surprisingly tidy though!

A demon summoned on Halloween night by a group of roommates won’t disappear despite multiple pleas and occult methods.

Eurynomos, a 4,600-year-old demon, has been summoned to the human realm since Oct. 31 and hasn’t returned for unspecified reasons.

“It’s just a lot nicer up here,” Eurynomos, who is a second-tier demon in the underworld, said. “Besides, I need to use up my vacation days.”

Lila Haus, one of the roommates who summoned Eurynomos, claims that the demon’s presence has caused stress in their apartment.

“He just sits around the house, eats all of my veggie straws, and invites weird little creatures in,” said Haus, a second-year religion studies student. “I almost had my bag eaten by a three-headed dog.”

Sonny Lite, another housemate, believes Eurynomos has been a positive influence on the household.

“He pays for pizza and cleans up the place,” she said. “Plus he’s cute, so I see this situation as an absolute win.” 

Eurynomos has been adjusting to life on Earth much more smoothly than he anticipated. He has grown fond of Ottawa’s various bike trails and downtown life.

“Only the people who summoned me can see me, so getting through crowds and lines isn’t a big problem,” said the demon. “But everything’s pretty quiet, especially at late-night McDonald’s locations downtown.”

Haus says that she and her roommates have consulted various occult experts to find a way to send Eurynomos back, but nothing has worked.

“Salt, various exorcisms, even a weird chicken sacrifice! But the last one backfired, so now we have an undead chicken running around.”

The house decided to name the chicken Drumstick.

“Pok-pok-pok,” he said to the Tomato.