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Over 4,200 students at the O of U want nap time in all lectures exceeding 2 hours

Thousands of students at the O of U have signed a petition to require nap breaks for lectures exceeding two hours in length. The petition explained, “We, the students of the O of U, demand nap time. We’re tired of lectures — let us nap.”

The Tomato spoke with the petition’s creators on what they hope to achieve with the petition.

Third-year English student, Aurora Horton, and fourth-year health science student, Nia Insom, started the petition on Oct. 4 and claim they did not anticipate it receiving more than a few hundred signatures.

“We really only expected our friends to sign it, and maybe pass it on to a few others,” said Horton.

“But clearly we’ve tapped into something students want and need,” added Insom. “We just hope the administration is open to it. They must know we were all sleeping through online classes, and we aren’t cut out for three hours of consciousness anymore.”

“I can’t be expected to fix my sleep schedule simply to attend lectures,” Horton said, echoing sentiments from the comments of the petition’s signatories.

The Tomato did not hear back from O of U administration in time for the publication of this article. This article will be updated should there be developments.


  • Bridget Coady was the Fulcrum's news editor from spring to fall of 2021. Before that, she was the Fulcrum's staff photographer.