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UOSU takes the results of its Kahoots! seriously .Photo: CC, pixaby.
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Students who are caught cheating will have their virtual bracelet cut

On Sept. 2, the University of Ottawa Student’s Union announced that it had hired a familiar presence to ensure the legitimacy of the results of its online 101-week games: Respondus.

The news comes following complaints of cheating during online Residence events, such as virtual ‘Cards Against Humanity’ and ‘Uno’.

“To aid with additional security and protect the student body, we are exercising the services of Respondus Lockdown Browser,” said UOSU’s Hamelin Simard to the Tomato. “This is to ensure that all residential guidelines are being followed and students can’t cheat during online 101-week activities.”

“Please be wary, Respondus cannot deal with sudden movements or talking,” said Vacant Position, the UOSU’s director of communications. “Respondus ensures that all 101-Week activities results are accurate and free of fraud.”

Students who are caught cheating will have their virtual bracelet cut, Respondus will also make sure that underage students aren’t in possession of alcohol by asking them to give us a virtual tour of their bedrooms with their webcams. 

“This way the University won’t get mad at us this year because we are ensuring that 17-year-olds don’t have to consume alcohol during online 101-week events,” said UOSU commissioner Stanton Marchand to the Tomato.