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Where to find it: Café Nostalgica (that’s right, they serve something stronger than water again)

First of all, regardless of your taste, drop your plans for one night this weekend and go to Café Nostalgica. They recently regained their liquor license and the full range of beers they have on tap is second to none on this side of the canal. We are seriously spoiled by having such a wicked provider of craft beer right here on campus, with very reasonable prices, so next time you’re heading over to Father & Sons, I beg you, please reconsider.

Okanagan Spring Brewery’s Pale Ale is a light-in-hops, crisp, copper ale that makes a great choice for nights when you want your beer to go down smooth and quick. Any offering from Okanagan Spring isn’t going to change your life, but this one is definitely a step up over your standard options like Canadian, Blue, or Alexander Keith’s. And hey, they can’t all be first-round draft choices.

Bottom line: 3 out of 5

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