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AFTER A TWO year partnership, Vancouver’s Amy Kirkpatrick and Ajay Bhattacharyya, also known as the electro-pop duo Data Romance, are finally coming to town. Known for their heavy electronic beats and slow, melodic, whispery lyrics, Data Romance does the unthinkable by mashing up Kirkpatrick’s soft folk vocals with an edgier dance club beat, arranged solely by Bhattacharyya. Having released their self-titled EP this past June, a follow-up album to the widely popular Life Cycles, Data Romance has been busy promoting their new CD and filming a music video for their lead single “The Deep”. Although 2011 has been a busy year for this duo, Kirkpatrick and Bhattacharyya don’t plan on stopping just yet—expect a new record from them before the year’s end.

Sounds like: A blend of synth-pop vocals and electronica or dance music similar to Florence and the Machine.

Check them out: Oct. 16 at Raw Sugar Café.


BEGINNING SEPT. 23, the Ottawa Art Gallery will present Decolonize Me, an exhibition comprised of several Canadian artists including local artist Bear Witness. Borrowing inspiration from documentarian Morgan Spurlock’s well-known film Supersize Me in the naming of the display, the exhibit examines and explores the affects colonization has had on Canadian and indigenous identity, as well as how decolonization impacts our society. Consisting of photographs, videos, sculptures, and performance art, the display focuses on the relationship between aboriginal Canadians and the original European settlers. It sheds light on past wrongdoings in the colonial era, shared histories, and finding the voice of the native people.

Looks like: Videos, photographs, and sculptures depicting colonization and decolonization in Canada.

Check it out: Sept. 23–Nov. 20 at the Ottawa Art Gallery.

—Sofia Hashi