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“The very presence of more Black folk validates the [new President’s Action Committee for an Anti-Racist and Inclusive Campus] and validates Frémont’s inaction. Any validation for the University of Ottawa to move forward with the committee is a step against systemic change for anti-Black racism at the University of Ottawa,” said Jamal Koulmiye-Boyce.

University of Ottawa alumnus and host of popular television game show Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek, has died at age 80 due to complications from pancreatic cancer. The news was confirmed by the game show on Sunday.

Cassidy Copenace

“Whenever I was struggling with the thought of wanting to hurt myself, or wanting to go out and drink, I would bead until I didn’t feel that way anymore,” said Cassidy Copenace, a 21 year-old living in Naotkamegwanning First Nation. “Even if I was beading all night, and if I was tired, I would just keep going until I was either super tired, or I just didn’t feel the way I did before I started doing my beadwork.”

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The University of Ottawa and the union representing its support staff (PSUO-SSUO) have reached a tentative agreement. The details of the new agreement are unknown but the PSUO-SSUO’s 1,300 members will be heading back to work on Friday morning.


“I do not blame [the support staff] for any of this,” says Jillian Prins, a third-year U of O chemical engineering and biochemistry student. “They literally are the ones taking risks by being on campus to provide us with a complete education,” says Clara Perrier, a second-year biochemistry major at the U of O.

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