Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

Someone was telling me the other day that it’s bad to have sex in the bathtub or pool. I knew that already, but what I didn’t know is apparently you can die from it. Is this true? I find it hard to believe, but if it is true… what a way to go.

—Keeping My Pussy out of the Pool


Myths about sex come up from time to time, and it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction with so many different sources of information out there.

After thoroughly researching the sex in the pool or hot tub myth, anyone should realize how dangerous it can be. The chemicals used to chlorinate pools and hot tubs can easily cause vaginal or even anal infections if they find their way inside, and having sex in any kind of water actually lessens the natural lubricants produced by a woman’s vagina, causing painful tears and irritation.

Condoms don’t fare well in wetness that isn’t derived from the human body. Water can get inside the condom, causing it to slip off, and heat makes condoms more susceptible to ripping.

All in all, I recommend switching sex in the pool to something more finger and foreplay friendly. But can you die from it?

Though it’s highly unlikely to die from a hot tub fuck, if left untreated for long enough, the possible infections resulting from pool sex could become serious enough to cause some real damage—maybe even death.

If you are interested in incorporating pools or hot tubs into your sexy times, a stimulating back—or even genital—massage would be a safe alternative. You could also fool around in the shower if you have both been tested for STIs and the proper birth control is used if necessary. Spraying each other with garden hoses can be pretty sexy as well.

So, dear KMPOOTP, perhaps you should keep the doing to dry land, and leave the submerged fucking to the fishies.


Dear Di,

I want to have all sorts of sex with my girlfriend, but we’ve been having trouble with our positioning—I can’t do her while I’m standing. I’m about 6’1 and she’s about 5’7, and apparently the height difference is too great. Is there a way we can make it work, or am I doomed to another set of #tallguyproblems?

—Too Tall to Bang

Dear TTTB,

Sometimes physical limitations hinder our ability to be inventive and unique in the bedroom. People come in all shapes and sizes, and sex positions we encounter in magazines and porn movies aren’t always as doable as our partners.

If you and your partner want to have sex standing and are at different heights, it can be challenging to make it work. But there are a few things you can do to screw standing up if you’re willing to put in the effort.

If you’re able to lift your lady, holding her up while her back is against the wall will put your parts at the same height, making penetration less tricky. If you can’t hold her weight long enough, have her keep one foot on the ground, standing on her tippy toes. You should be able to thrust enough to get yourself off and the added clitoral stimulation will work for her as well.

The above position also works in reverse. Have your partner stand facing the wall if she’s comfortable with it, and bend your knees. Your girlfriend will have to stand up really tall to make it work, but when she does you two should be able to get in a groove.

An alternative to both of you standing erect would be what I like to call the standing doggy. The position is just like it sounds. Ask your partner if she is okay with standing and bending over at the same time. It’s an easier move to perform if the receiver can put her upper body on a surface. Beds work, but if you really want to be adventurous, so do kitchen tables. Just try to find a surface that puts your member at the height of her pussy or ass—be sure to use lube during anal penetration.

There are always ways around physical limitations in the bedroom, as long as both partners are comfortable and are properly protected. Keep the communication lines open and try any moves that tickle your fancies.