Illustrations: Christine Wang.
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In a bind and not sure where to turn?

  • You’re broke and malnourished

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) Food Bank offers a wide array of healthful, easy-to-prepare foods, available right on campus in the University Centre basement! All you have to do is present your student card, and fill your grocery bags. This service helps ensure that you won’t have to choose between buying textbooks or groceries.

  • You’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or worse

It’s easy to be overwhelmed during your studies. It’s so common in fact that the services at the University of Ottawa are often overwhelmed with students trying to access help. Despite the wait time, the Student Academic Success Service’s Counselling and Coaching Service is designed to help students that are coping with non-life-threatening mental illness or personal problems. Especially for those who have never sought counselling before, this is a great first stop.

  • You can’t afford outerwear to keep you warm

You don’t need to layer on three sweaters to stay warm as the days get colder! The Office of Campus Sustainability’s Free Store is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to pick up a pair of gloves, a scarf, boots, or even a jacket. For those of you who have more outerwear than you know what to do with, drop it off at the Free Store so it can get a new life with another student.

  • You want to appeal an academic decision but don’t know how

It’s almost never planned when you have to appeal an academic decision, so many people don’t know where to start when it happens to them. The SFUO’s Student Rights Centre provides student advocacy and information on regulations for appealing decisions made by the university administration. They are also a great resource should you need to make a human rights complaint about any event or institution on campus.