Dear Ty

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Dear readers,

For all of you who have just picked up your first issue of the Fulcrum, I’m Di Daniels, and I write about sex. It may sound general, but it’s a pretty accurate description of my job at the Fulcrum. I’m here to answer your “fucking” questions and I’m excited to be back in action for the 2013–2014 publishing year.

If you’re a freshman this year, the best advice I can give is to try everything your freaky hearts and minds desire. Be it group masturbation or naked handstands with your residence roommate—as long as everyone involved is comfortable and you use proper protection—fulfill your inner fantasies. Or don’t.

Moving out on your own will offer you many chances to engage in new sexual activities, but even though opportunities will cum knocking, you don’t need to knock boots with all of them if you’re not comfortable doing so. Trust your instincts, and if you’re not sure what to do, ask someone.

If you need advice and you feel like you can’t turn to your friends or family, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa offers a confidential phone line you can call if you need advice. The Peer Help Centre can be reached at 613-562-5604 or you can drop by the office to chat in-person with someone trained to let you vent.

Of course, if you have questions about sex, relationships, or any other naughty thoughts, send me an email at or add Di Daniels on Facebook. My passion in life is bodily self-expression and if you require my assistance, I will do my best to ensure your play is safe, sexy, and everything you want it to be.