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Photo: Kim Wiens.

Some claim that food is almost as good as sex, if not better. Why debate? Let’s incorporate the two pleasurable activities together. Here are some pre-coital meals that will really ramp up that sex drive.

Main: Atlantic salmon with pomegranate sauce

For the main course, you can prepare salmon with a light pomegranate sauce, topped off with some chopped chilies. These ingredients will feed that sex drive like no tomorrow—salmon keeps sex hormone production at its peak, pomegranates increase genital sensitivity, and those hot chilies can increase your heart rate, making you even more turned on.

Drinks: Red wine

Most students agree that alcohol makes most things more pleasurable, so pop open that bottle of red and take a few sips (or glasses) with your meal. Being a rich source of antioxidants, red wine can even improve blood circulation during intercourse.

Dessert: Fruit bowl with chocolate

After dinner, treat yourself to a dessert that really gets you into the mood. Warm up some chocolate, cut up some bananas, and other fruits of your choosing and voilà, you have fondue.

Not only is this a fun, playful treat you can seductively feed to your partner, but bananas can increase sexual desire in men and chocolate enhances your feelings of well-being and excitement.