45 Mann was developed with the needs of upper-year students in mind. Photos: Jaclyn McRae-Sadik.
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Off-campus housing features gym, game room, terrace space for upper-year students

Based on results of a 2015 survey put forward by the University of Ottawa, a new residence developed exclusively for upper-year students was officially opened on Sept. 1.

The new nine-storey building on 45 Mann Ave. was designed for students interested in living off-campus, while still enjoying the comforts of a residence.  

In an interview with the Fulcrum, Rachelle Clark, director of the U of O’s Housing Service, said, “A residence this beautiful, with all the amenities and services as you can see, has everything that a more mature upper year student will want to have.”

“I think this will help contribute to the overall student experience, which is one of the University of Ottawa’s priorities, as well as help with retention—students will want to stay and keep coming to university.”

Housing Service worked closely with the building’s developers and were heavily involved with the interior design of the building.

The new residence provides facilities such as a yoga room, a gym with state of the art equipment, multiple social spaces, and a games room.

The 45 Mann residence also boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a fully equipped terrace with seating areas and barbeques.

According to Clark, the services available in other on-campus residences are also present in 45 Mann, such as Protection Services and live-in student staff.

“A lot of the advertising that we would do to all of our other students in residence will still be done here, so students will be very informed.”

Clark also said that Housing Service will continue to work with students to meet their needs, as they did with the development of the first upper-year residence.

“We are actually going to work really closely with the students to find out exactly what they want and need from their student experience.”

Convenience-wise, every apartment has all the amenities including laundry facilities, and each room is equipped with a private bathroom. Study space is also available in the form of “community rooms” on each floor. Students can also enjoy a view of the Gee-Gees at Matt Anthony Field from the ninth floor.

Clark did note that there were setbacks to the project, which included ensuring that the interior of the residence was clean on time for students to move in on Aug. 31. Nonetheless, Clark said the problem was solved through close work with the builder and developer.

“Our goal is to contribute and provide that student experience that will attract new students to the university and make those that are already here want to stay.”